Muntjac and Roebuck

West Highland Hunting is pleased to offer hunters the opportunity to hunt the elusive muntjac and roebuck in Berkshire with experienced guides over more than 6,000 hectares. The typical package will consist of a 4-night 3-day trip, which can be extended. The stalk will include morning and evening on a spot and stalk basis with occasional use of high seats. This challenging hunt will not only bring you closer to the native deer species but also give you an understanding of their management.

The Reeves muntjac was introduced into Woburn Park by the 11th Duke of Bedford in 1894 and has since spread steadily throughout England. A creature of dense woodland, it is extremely adaptable and inhabits woodlands along with shrubberies and suburban gardens. Being a native of the tropics, its reproductive cycle has not yet adapted to a temperamental climate with a cold winter and so it breeds all the year round, with females producing fawns almost continuously.

Taxidermy can be arranged at additional cost. For more information, email:

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