Extreme Stalking package

West Highland Hunting, which manages estates across the west coast of Scotland, has launched an Extreme Stalking package for adventure-seeking hunters who want to test their abilities on challenging terrain and in harsh weather conditions.

Available throughout January and February 2015, the package will enable competent stalkers to work alongside West Highland Hunting’s deer management team to reduce female red and roe deer densities in areas where deer are damaging forestry, crops and new woodland.

Faced with Scotland’s harsh winter weather, the challenge is not for the faint hearted. Conditions will be tough, snow may be waist deep and the wind chill severe. Applicants for the experience must be physically fit, fully competent with firearms and able to follow instructions.

Stalkers taking on the challenge will learn first hand about the complexities and practicalities of managing deer in a remote environment in the midst of winter.

Niall Rowantree, Head Stalker and Sporting Manager at West Highland Hunting, commented: “Our Extreme Stalking package has been designed for stalkers looking for an experience that really tests their mettle. It will be tough certainly but will also give keen stalkers a unique insight into deer management and the vital work that we do here in Scotland.”

Price: £100 per day (including up to four animals)

To book, email hunting@westhighland-hunting.co.uk

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