Hunting for Heroes

West Highland Hunting has launched a ‘Hunting for Heroes’ initiative enabling injured ex-service personnel to take advantage of an exclusive 25% discount on roe and red deerstalking on Scotland’s west coast.

The initiative, which is the first of its type in the UK, is the brainchild of Niall Rowantree, Head Stalker and Sporting Manager at West Highland Hunting, who has managed the Ardnamurchan deer herd for over 20 years. Niall wants to make deerstalking available to any ex-service personnel regardless of their injuries, providing they can safely and competently fire a sporting rifle.

Transport to the hunting area will be provided by ATVs meaning even those who have been severely injured or lost limbs can take part. Shooting will take place from the ground or from high seats depending on the client’s physical abilities.

Niall Rowantree commented: “Our injured ex-service personnel made an incredible sacrifice while carrying out their duties. This initiative is designed to help them forget their injuries for a while and to enjoy the benefits of being outdoors and the challenge of deerstalking in a beautiful, totally unspoilt environment.”

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