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Muntjac and Roebuck

West Highland Hunting is pleased to offer hunters the opportunity to hunt the elusive muntjac and roebuck in Berkshire with experienced guides over more than 6,000 hectares. The typical package will consist of a 4-night 3-day trip, which can be extended. The stalk will include morning and evening on a spot and stalk basis with...
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Traditional Highland Hind Stalking

The majestic red deer roams wild on the Ardnamurchan peninsular. Stalking hinds in this unique environment presents a challenge that has inspired sportsmen throughout the world. A day on the hill culminating in a successful stalk, is the very pinnacle of many hunter’s ambitions. Hinds can be taken in a number of ways; traditionally, stalking...
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Woodland Stalking

Not every hunter is suited to traversing the arduous hill terrain and in recognition of this we also offer woodland stalking. This can be taken on its own or as a mixture for a group who wish to experience not only open hill but woodland. It is possible to stalk red, roe, sika and fallow...
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