If you are a less experienced stalker, then the need for some quality instruction as well as the opportunity to practice your skill set is vitally important. Looking from every angle, Premier Wildlife Services were able to identify, write and implement the PWS Pre-DSC2 course.

The successful Pre-DSC2 training course, apart from providing valuable field-based experience under natural field conditions, will allow you to gauge whether you are ready for DSC Level 2. The one-day course is run at any time of the year, during which our qualified instructor spending the day with you will go through exactly what is expected from you during your DSC2 witnessing sessions. It is a chance for you to ask as many questions and discuss the many variable scenarios that may emerge during your DSC2 assessments.

Price: £299 as a one-day stand-alone course, or £249 if booked with your DSC2 at the same time.

For more information, email: or tel: 01264 811155.

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