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There are many reasons why there is a need for animal capture, immobilisation and restraint of both wild and captive animals, especially deer and animals enclosed in wildlife parks. However, in cases of an emergency, there are few live capture operators able to respond quickly enough to prevent unnecessary suffering, and even fewer possess the specialist knowledge and skills to be able to deliver the professional service needed.

The live capture of any animal has significant implications in so far as both animal welfare and human health and safety are concerned. Therefore specialised training in the correct, safe and humane capture techniques is vital if animal welfare and operator safety is not to be compromised. The treatment of animals both before and after capture is crucial to avoid causing unnecessary stress, injury and death.

The Training Course

This LANTRA Awards approved course is the only nationally recognised course of its kind being run in the UK. It has been developed and improved over several years by Mike Allison, one of the UK’s most experienced animal capture operators.

The course will be run in two parts. The first part will consist of the theoretical aspects of live capture, including: drug pharmacology, choice of drugs, safety precautions and accident procedure animal assessment, practical demonstration of dart loading, and dart projector use practical demonstration of live capture using immobilising drugs and dart projectors. The second part will include a practical element, field-based exercises involving the use of live capture equipment owned by the candidate.

Cost: £599

For more information, email: office@premierwildlife.co.uk or tel: 01264 811155.

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