With well over 20,500 people now holding DSC1, and a large majority of those still attempting to take DSC2, Premier Wildlife Services have launched an initiative to help those seeking DSC2 witnessing and accreditation.

After watching the progress of DSC2 for many years, there appears to be three fundamental problems that are likely to affect the ‘success’ of attaining three witnessed stalks, and meeting the required criteria.

1. The relative difficulty in finding accredited witnesses.

2. The sometimes extortionate costs involved, and,

3. The relative difficulty in finding deer to cull.

In most cases, ‘stalkers end up paying much more than is required to attain their DSC2 certification. The cost of stalking, if using another person’s land, doesn’t come cheap. You are talking generally around the £65 – £100 per stalk, plus trophy fees in some cases. On top of this may be your own expenses to get to the estate, maybe for two or three visits. Add to this the expenses charged by many Accredited Witnesses, and you are starting to get the picture!

So what are Premier Wildlife Services actually offering? Well we are seeking to help those seeking DSC2 to achieve their goal by providing a guarantee that they will  get the opportunity to cull their 3 witnessed deer as required. More importantly, the cost of this is fixed. There are no hidden extras, no games and no surprises.

Price: £599

For more information, email: office@premierwildlife.co.uk or tel: 01264 811155.

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