Premier Wildlife Services has been running training courses in deer management for over 27 years, ranging from basic deer management and stalking courses, to advanced courses in professional deer management, through to highly specialised courses in subjects such as live capture and immobilisation using dart rifles and anaesthetising drugs.

What sets PWS apart from almost all other training providers in the UK, is the fact that all our training is developed from a solid foundation of over 36 years of professional experience in all aspect of wild, park and farmed deer management. Our Field Operators and training instructors share one common aim – to deliver the finest training in the UK.

Price: £299 (£100 deposit secures place).


August 4th – 6th – Hampshire

September 1st – 3rd – Hampshire

Sept/Oct 29th – 1st – Hampshire

November 24th – 26th – Hampshire

For more information, email: office@premierwildlife.co.uk or tel: 01264 811155.

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