West Highland Hunting has joined forces with Jelen Deer Services

West Highland Hunting has joined forces with Jelen Deer Services to create Deer Xcel and Deer Divert, two brand new feed supplements for wild, park and farmed deer.

The mineral and molasses-based supplements have been specially developed by some of the UK’s top animal nutritionists in consultation with Mike Allison of Jelen Deer Services and Niall Rowantree of West Highland Hunting.

Niall explained that the products, which are made in England, noticeably improved the condition of the wild red deer he manages in the Scottish Highlands: “If deer live in an environment where they cannot find the building blocks to grow their antlers then they will deplete their own skeleton and system. Deer Xcel contains essential minerals such calcium, phosphorus, magnesium plus vitamins and trace elements. Without question, the supplement helped maximize the stags’ antler development. In fact, many of them are now carrying bigger-than-ever antlers.”

Molasses-based supplement Deer Divert is ideally suited to over-wintering deer and lactating females. Mike explained: “As well keeping the herd healthy all year round, Deer Divert will help reduce deer damage as they stop trying to search for essential trace minerals.”

Both products contain ParaGuard®, a natural blend of products that helps increase gut integrity and reduce parasitic burdens.

Deer Xcel is £42 for 22KG or £21 for 10KG bucket
Deer Divert is £16 for 8KG bucket

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